Roberta Hohensee(non-registered)
Love your photos and just sitting here listening and's like meditation...lovely site to visit!!!
Jim Kennedy(non-registered)
Me and my nephew Evan met you down by the lake in Cooperstown Friday night and had a nice conversation and you told us all about the Caffenol process, very interesting and the photos look great. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to enjoying the rest of your photographs on your web site.
William Rowland
These photos bring back memories of our great trips together. I promise to be more patient as we walk the trails so you can continue to capture these once in a lifetime images!
Kristen Leahy(non-registered)
Sue...all I can say is simply amazing. I had no idea about your photography talent. I love the variety of pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your website with me.
Suzanne Allen(non-registered)
You know I LOVE your water droplet pictures! I'm looking forward to more being posted here.
Debbie Callaci(non-registered)
I really enjoyed all the sets. My favorite sets are the bird shots in Florida and the amazing water splash shots. Keep those photos coming!
Kelly Morrissey(non-registered)
Took a peek at the Homepage Photos. All I can say is WOW! They are all absolutley stunning and some I'd love to make yoga posters of. I love the ones of the geese on the lake. I also love the water droplet photos.
Kelly Morrissey(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing Sue. These are awesome!
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